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Article WriterPopular
Generate a complete SEO optimized Blog Article.
Section RefinementPopular
Highlight any section of your blog and instruct AI on how to change it.
Generate a paragraph from AI.
Timeline RewindPopular
Travel back to previous versions of your blog when editing.
Generate a blog post outline from a prompt.
Generate a FAQ from your content. Use your entire article or make multiple FAQ per blog with selections.
Smart Linking
Automatically Link to your existing articles and external websites based upon content similarity score (adjustable).
Post Ideas
Generate new post ideas based upon your existing blog articles.
Generate images from your prompts.
Affiliate LinksPopular
Generate affiliate links for Amazon and JustBlog automatically based on URLs.
Wordpress & Shopify
Publish to Wordpress or Shopify. Use product data with AI to generate articles.
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  • Track daily visits with charts that breakout your top performing posts.

  • Create Lead Magnets that capture and verify emails for you.

  • Create Polls to interact with your audience.

  • Add paywalls to restrict sections of your articles to subscribers only.

  • Easily embed content like Podcasts and YouTube videos.

Enjoy a world class editor with exclusive SERP integrations.

When editing articles you have all of the marketing tools and extensions at your fingertips. For SEO, Enter a target keyword and pull in live results from search engines to analyze how your content stacks up.
Publish on JustBlog - OR - Stay completely private and export your content to HTML/CSS. Wordpress is supported too.


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